Strong Male Figures in YALIT

January 28, 2016

Throughout several young adult fiction titles, there are males who are dominant protagonists, and inspire readers to take inspiration from the character. This may be from the character’s personality traits, intelligence, or overall demeanor, strong male figures in young adult fiction can help to inspire almost all readers. Let’s take at a few prominent characters from over the years.

Looking for Alaska, John Green

The lead role of Miles (Pudge) in this novel is not the typical strong, courageous character we have tended to see recently. Instead, he is an intelligent, quirky and sensitive figure who is persistent in locating his missing friend Alaska. In our opinion, Miles is admirable because he’s comfortable with his feelings and he’s dealing with an awkward stage in his life with an easygoing and (we find) hilarious sense of humour. We applaud his sensitive nature, as this is a trait not many teen boys show too often. I mean, the guy remembers everyone’s last words, and describes Alaska with such beautiful language, he’s clearly a thoughtful and insightful kid.

The Morgue and Me, John C. Ford

This book is a popular read for all ages, and follows the adventures of Christopher, a slightly awkward but very witty character. After Christopher uncovers a murder, we begin to admire Miles because of his persistence and determination through the entire investigation. I mean, how many teens do you know who get to play Sherlock Holmes right out of high school? Like, come on. Christopher accesses his allies to get to the bottom of a mystery and immerses himself into the investigation with the help of a hot chick, which to us makes him a pretty cool guy.

The Raven Cycle Series, Maggie Stiefvater

Ronan is the ultimate badass. We empathize with his sad past and family life, and we know it can change a person when something unfortunate happens in one’s life. Ronan is secretive, a little mysterious and somewhat “dangerous”, however, we admire him for his loyalty to his friends and his family. We love his sass and his anger because that means he cares and is passionate about his surroundings and loved ones (especially Adam).

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