We believe there is real value in collaborating with others. Sharing our goals and missions with those of external organizations not only builds community, but also allows us to create the best experience for our audience.

We are looking for partners who share a purpose of promoting literacy amongst parents, educators and young adults. In addition, we wish to connect with companies that still find merit in cracking the spines of new novels and appreciate the marvellous worlds that exist beyond book titles.

For partnership opportunities, please contact us.

Advertising / Sponsorship

2Titles is book recommendation serviced geared toward young adults, parents, teachers and book lovers.

We speak to teenagers – those who are looking for books they can identify with, those who simply need a great reading experience to hook them in to the exciting journey that exists at the crack of a book spine, or those that are looking for the newest and hottest books on the market.

We speak to parents – those who wish their child would take a few minutes out of their day to pick up a book, or those who are looking for that perfect gift for their son or daughter.

We speak to teachers – those looking to inspire their students to read, or those looking to grow the classroom library with relevant stories that connect to each individual child.

2Titles is on a mission to inspire youth to read by giving them an exciting and personalized experience.

Our advertisers help us in our pursuit to provide relevant, engaging content and information. We are always looking for unique and value-added products and services to benefit our users. If you are interested in advertising on 2Titles, contact us and we will provide you with a Media Kit.

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