The Perfect Reading Space for Teens

Are you having a hard time getting in the reading groove this year? Everyone needs a little motivation at times. Sometimes, the environment you are in can hold you back from reading or finding enjoyment in what you are reading. It can be too loud if you are reading in a public space, it can […]

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Strong Female Characters in YALIT

Literature has presented society with many strong female characters. These characters are smart, tenacious, adventurous, and admirably independent. What more do we want for our fellow girls than to look up to emotionally, mentally and sometimes even physically dominant heroines? Recently, there has been an increase in these types of characters, especially in young adult […]

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Can a person actually be both a “jock” and a “bookworm”?

There has always been the assumption among teenagers that those who like to read and those who like to play sports come from completely different universes. Many believe that the athletic “jocks” spend their spare time bench-pressing 12 reps of 225 pounds, or chest-pumping fellow beefcakes in the middle of the school hallway. Others believe […]

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Can Movies take the Place of a Well-Written Novel?

Movies have always been seen as an escape, a chance to immerse oneself into the colourful and impossible worlds of such characters such as Katniss Everdeen and Jay Gatsby. They have always appealed to the masses since the days of Citizen Kane or Schindler’s List when viewers gawked at the beautiful actors and actresses and […]

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“I Hate Reading!” Now What?

Yes- these people actually exist. She could have sat beside you on the bus today, walked past you at the mall with headphones in his ears, or even answered the phone when you called your friend last night. These people have zero desire to enter a library, bookstore or even read the inside of a […]

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How to Find the Perfect Book?

There is an innate quest for perfection that exists within all humans. Whether it is the search for a perfect mate, a perfect outfit, the most perfect apple in the granny smith display at the grocery store, or the most perfect movie to turn on during a rainy day. That same search for perfection extends […]

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What Exactly is YALIT?

YALIT seems to be the talk of the town over the last few years.  With the growing fascination of popular John Green stories and dystopian novels such as The Hunger Games, many of us have already immersed ourselves in the YALIT universe without even realizing it. What exactly is YALIT? In short, YALIT stands for […]

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