Best Books for the Wanderluster

June 12, 2016

Wanderlust – a strong desire to travel. We don’t know about you but as the sun beams in the clear sky we can’t help but feel the travel bug crawling up our spines. We want nothing more but to escape to the beautiful beaches of the West or the European cobblestones.
Whether you’re on the road or staying local, check out a few of our favourite travel-inspired books.

Love & Gelato, Jenna Evans Welch
The beautifully written descriptions of food, landscapes and romance make this book a perfect summer read. Lina falls in love with the Italian culture while discovering half of her life that she didn’t know she existed. This book will inspire you to pack your bags and head out for a euro trip.

It’s Only the Himalayas, S. Bedford
Sue, a dissatisfied waitress, embarks upon a year-long quest around the world with her friend, Sara. Expecting a whimsical jaunt of self-discovery, Sue instead encounters an absurd series of misadventures that render her embarrassed, terrified, and queasy. This story is hilarious, fun and will inspire you to back up your bags and see the world!

Wild, Cheryl Strayed
This novel isn’t really classified as young adult literature but we think it’s a story worth reading for all ages. This true story about Cheryl Strayed takes the reader on a journey through coming to terms with one’s past and hardships while developing personal strength. This story is truly for the wild of heart and wanderers.

These are just a few of many travel inspiring tales. What are your favourites?

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