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Welcome to 2Titles.com – a web-app that provides the ultimate book search experience for teens. 2Titles is a book recommendation service that matches the user to a few perfect book matches based on the personalized survey taken when you enter the site. The survey gathers your interests, hobbies, personality traits and reading level then generates two books (and more) that are best fit for you! Send the suggestions in the form of a wish list to your friends, loved ones, teachers, and pretty much anyone but your pet dog can purchase the books for you.

Our Mission

At 2Titles, our mission is to make reading fun and personalized for young adults. Research shows that there is a significant decline in reading for fun amongst teenagers, which is likely to be explained by technological advances and distractions through our ever-changing world. 2Titles combines the engaging capabilities of the web to make reading an exciting part of a young adult’s life. Our mission is to awaken our youth to the vibrant world that lives within books by first providing them with their 2 most perfect book matches!

How We Got Started

As a secondary school English teacher, creator Stefanie Del Gobbo has come across many students who do not know what kind of books they may enjoy, or simply do not find reading a “fun” past time. As research shows, because of these problems, children tend to shy away from reading at an age when they should be working on their fundamental reading, vocabulary and literacy skills. In turn, the success rate on the provincial literacy testing is between 68%-82% within local schools, and although somewhat consistent with the provincial results, it can be drastically improved with consistent reading. Adolescent literacy has become a huge problem that Stefanie is determined to help.

The inspiration behind 2Titles comes from Stefanie’s personal experience had within a grade 9 English classroom. During this experience, she was dealt with the foreseeable challenge of convincing the apprehensive students to bring a “silent reading” book to class. She tried many different strategies such as taking them to the library to choose books, setting aside 10 minutes of class time each day for quiet reading, and even tracking their reading progress on a daily basis, however she witnessed nothing but hidden cell phone games behind books, the tops of heads as students dozed off and the ever constant moans and groans as they held in hand a book with titles more complex than my University professor’s course syllabus. They simply were not finding books that could connect to. During this particular encounter with the applied level class filled primarily with boys, she chose to read the classic book, The Outsiders, to awaken their interest in reading.  Stefanie observed the boys’ attention skills, as they seemed to relate to Two-Bit’s interest in girls or Sodapop’s troublemaker personality. They were engaged in the story, showed excitement, and, slowly began taking turns reading in front of the class. Stefanie furthered this observation by individually asking the students, as well as other teenagers what would motivate them to read more. Their simple yet intriguing responses sparked Stefanie’s interest and became the backbone to this exciting web application.

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