A Few Great Mom Figures in Literature

May 3, 2016

With Mother’s Day around the corner, it is a great time to celebrate all the strong women who love us even on our grumpy days. Whether she is a mom, grandmother, older sister or friend, moms have the gift of providing us with comfort, love and patience even.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’re paying respect to these loving mother figures in literature:

Calpurnia, To Kill a Mockingbird
When we think of Calpurnia, we visualize a woman who could stop us from hitting our little brother from across the room because of the stern look on her face. We imagine her strong presence to be more valuable than the words that come out of her mouth. We admire Calpurnia because she showed tough love toward Scout, and this is exactly what we think she needed. Although not blood related, her loyalty and love toward the Finch family is what makes her a true mother figure.

Ma, Room
We loved getting to know Ma through little Jack in this story. She nurtures him, feeds him, loves him, and entertains him on a daily basis. She makes it her mission to save them from Old Nick, which makes her the ultimate superhero. Ma is brave, loving, and determined, and sacrifices her happiness for the freedom of her child.

Molly Weasley, Harry Potter
Molly shows Harry Potter, and the rest of us, what a real loving family really is. When Harry did not have presents for Christmas, she took the time to knit him some clothing and make him some fudge. When Harry was in trouble for using under-age magic, she showed concern, plus she stayed stern when the kids had the idea of teaching practical defensive magic. She’s the closest mother that Harry had and we admire her for unofficially adopting him.

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